COLDCARD Mk4 v5.1.2: SIGHASH Other Than ALL

New Feature: SIGHASH Other Than ALL

Now supports all SIGHASH types (previously only SIGHASH_ALL was supported). This can enable specialized Bitcoin transactions involving multiple signers and even limited changes to the transaction after signing. To enable the more dangerous SIGHASH modes, you must change Advanced -> Danger Zone -> Sighash Checks. Warnings are shown for all of the new SIGHASH modes regardless of this setting.


SeedXOR now supports 12 and 18 word mnemonics.Signing memory, speed optimizations.Docker repro build container improvements (non-privileged container)

Bug Fixes

After extended private key and TAPSIGNER backup import into blank wallet, users needed to manually reboot Coldcard. Main menu now shown correctly.Old code would set SIGHASH type on foreign PSBT inputs.“Validating…” screen would be shown twice in some cases. Improves performance.

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