Clams v1.7.0: Reliable Exchange Rates

“This release connects the app to a newly deployed server at and makes use of a new exchange rates route.””Previously the app would hit the Coin Gecko and Coinbase API’s directly for exchange rates which would get rate limited if the app had a lot of concurrent users.””Now the Clams server will make those requests and cache them on the server and the app can reliably get results regardless of concurrent users.”

Also included in this release is a UI fix for the rune modal which was overflowing as well as updating a dependency to reduce total bundle size.


1.6.0-0.0.1 – Fix: Rune Modal Overflow #1451.6.0-0.0.2: Update – Lnmessage #1471.6.1-0.1.2: Enhancement – Exchange Rate API #152

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