Citadel v0.2.3 and Citadel Nirvati Technical Preview Are Available to Download As Alpha Software

The website of Citadel project is up and running again and can be found at Citadel v0.2.3: the default version of Citadel. “This version will soon be replaced by the new Nirvati release, but is currently the version with the most features and also features an app store with a variety of apps.”Citadel Nirvati edition (technical preview): “The next generation of Citadel. 100% open source, most parts rebuilt from scratch, and a lot more features in the core. Apps are still mostly missing, including basic Bitcoin & Lightning features.”Note: “We currently do not have much time for user support. If you run into any issues, it may take a few days until you get help.””Citadel OS 0.2.3 for the Raspbery Pi will by default boot into the “cut-down” firmware. This reduces the amount of proprietary, closed-source code running on the Pi GPU, and at the same time should slightly increase speed.””We’re currently finishing “Minicitadel”, a project to get the current Citadel UI with only Bitcoin & Lightning features running on Nirvati.””We’re looking for people to contribute for the redesign of the website (This will be built in WordPress), the new design of Citadel itself, a proper logo for Nirvati, and frontend development. Join us at if you’re interested or send a message to”

GitHub Repo (Citadel)

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