Cashu Nutshell v0.12.0: Wallet REST API, TokenV3, Coin Selection

“Cashu is an Ecash implementation based on David Wagner’s variant of Chaumian blinding (protocol specs).””Token logic based on minicash (description) which implements a Blind Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange scheme written down here.””The database mechanics in Cashu Nutshell and the Lightning backend uses parts from LNbits.”

Wallet: New TokenV3 format

“The new TokenV3 format makes it a lot easier to parse Cashu tokens. It is already supported by all known Cashu wallets.”

Wallet: Coin selection of all tokens from old epochs

“If the a mint rotates its keys to a new epoch, the wallet will now automatically select all coins from past epochs and redeem them for new ones.””That means that all tokens in the wallet should be from the latest epoch which is a requirement for making the Proof of Liabilities Scheme for Ecash work.”

Wallet: New REST API

“This is a huge improvement for the wallet’s utility. This update provides a simple REST API for almost all of the functionality of the wallet that is otherwise accessible via the command line interface.””This will make it a lot easier to write apps that can use the Nutshell wallet in the background, for example faucets or other third party software that wants to use Nutshell.”

NUT updates

NUT-09: mint info by @callebtc in #155NUT-04: payment hash by @callebtc in #191


Mint: Allow setting as peg-out only by @sihamon in #160Mint settings: add mint derivation path by @callebtc in #166Wallet: enable Tor tests in CI by @callebtc in #185


Fix: TypeError in burn token by @sihamon in #152fix derivation path to 0/0/0/0 by @callebtc in #157Fix/ln unsuccessful payment by @callebtc in #159fix: load mint with most recent keyset by @callebtc in #162load keys of output, not of inputs by @callebtc in #169fix: test_step2 by @ngutech21 in #174fix double “or” typo in burn parameter validation error message by @theStack in #172[Mint] Fix key rotation by @callebtc in #177Fix: NOSTR_RELAYS in .env.example by @moonsettler in #181[Mint] Fix key derivation by @callebtc in #187[Mint] reenable balance db views by @callebtc in #190[Mint] load the latest keyset from db based on the derivation path by @callebtc in #193

New Contributors

@ngutech21 made their first contribution in #174@theStack made their first contribution in #172

Full Changelog: 0.10.0…0.12.0

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