Build On L2 Supports VLS Integration into Greenlight with $150K Grant

Build On L2 (BOL2),  a community initiative that connects developers, entrepreneurs, and Bitcoiners from around the world building on Core Lightning and the Liquid Network, announced support for the Validating Lightning Signer project (VLS) with a $150,000 grant.”VLS is a non-commercial open-source initiative that develops software for diverse Lightning Network applications and is engineered for seamless operation across multiple platforms, including mobile apps.””The new Lightning signer will be available on multiple platforms and is non-custodial. Users will be able to define rules so that the signer only signs certain types of transactions like channel openings or routing forwards making running a Lightning node much safer.””Among the standout capabilities of the VLS software is its ability to operate on hardware security modules (HSMs) to safeguard large-scale Lightning nodes and improve Lightning node security by segregating the keys from the node.””Providing Lightning control custody to the signer offers high security by creating a smaller attack surface while ensuring: 1) End users always control funds; 2) Can sign from a mobile or web browser; 3) App devs never hold funds.””In more good news, the VLS signer is now fully integrated with Greenlight. Developers building with the gl-client or other layers like the Breez SDK can now easily access the signer without needing modifications.””The BOL2 community is excited to support this positive development for the entire Lightning Network ecosystem. This grant represents our commitment to fostering a robust and innovative Lightning Network ecosystem,” was written in a blog post.

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