BTCPay Server v1.9.3: Polish and Bug Fixes

“1.9.3: Polish and bug fixes. Update at your leisure!”

Bug fixes

Fix: Missing Shopify link (#4945) @KukksRates: Fix advanced rules example formatting (#4926) @dennisreimannCrowdfund: Fix redirect URL fallback (#4943) @dennisreimannGreenfield: Apply store default payment method on invoice creation (#4947) @dennisreimannPOS: Fix Firefox issues (#4950) @rockstardevFix viewing arrays in the invoice details when set in metadata (#4954) @KukksDo not crash checkout when attempting LNURL checkout through non-secure page (#4964) @KukksNFC: Handle HTTP-related exceptions (#4965) @dennisreimann


LN Settings: Show only node host name (#4927) @dennisreimannCheckout: Improve truncation of shown addresses (#4924) @dennisreimann

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