BTCPay Server v1.9.2: Bug Fixes

Bug fixes

Fix: Shop’s new receipt and cart not displaying items correctly and missing additional information (#4890. @KukksFix: Email sent to PoS URL via POST not being inserted into email/custom form (#4810). @KukksFix: Regression causing payment request form data to not be saved in invoices (#4895) @NicolasDorier @KukksFix: After opening payouts page of a pull payment, then clicking on the store’s Payouts menu would still show only the same pull payment’s payout (#4788) @KukksFix: Optimized print view in receipt (#4916 #4902) @dennisreimannFix: NFC and PoS print view not working without checking “Allow LNUrl for standard invoice”. This superfluous option has been removed. (#4911) @NicolasDorierFix: Automated payouts could hang the restart of the server. @NicolasDorierFix: Missing validation on payout processor configuration @NicolasDorier

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