BTCPay Server v1.9.0 Released

“We’ve added some quality-of-life improvements aimed explicitly toward the retail experience of the software, better management features for your stores, and some touch-ups toward checkout V2. Most prominently, we’ve released a wallet integration with exchanges!”


Exchange integration via pluginsPoint of Sale devices, improved NFC experience and better digital receiptsCheckout v2 gets further improvementsNew recovery seed phrase viewWallet labels export – BIP-329 and better label managementRestructuring how metadata is viewedDeprecating MySQL and SQLiteBug fixes

Breaking change

As part of our effort to withdraw support for MySQL and SQLite, if you start BTCPay Server with –sqlitefile or –mysql without being in the context of a migration, your server will fail to start.

We introduce another flag, –deprecated, which allows you to start with SQLite or MySQL even if it is deprecated. We will remove this flag in version 1.10.

New features

Can customize invoice’s metadata for payments received through LN Address. (#4855) @KukksThe payRequest of an invoice from LNUrl are now saved inside the invoice’s metadata (#4855) @NicolasDorierNFC: If browser permission is already granted, do not require the merchant to click on the “Pay by NFC” button. (#4807 #4819) @dennisreimannPoint of Sales bought items will now appear on the receipt (#4851) @KukksAdd payment proof to the receipt, such as transaction ID or Lightning preimage (#4782) @dennisreimannCheckout v2: Show when the payment still needs confirmation (#4778) @dennisreimannWallet Transactions Export: Add BIP-329 support (#4799) @dennisreimannInvoice Details: Improve payments list and print view (#4817 #4783 #4729) @dennisreimannCan add labels to destination addresses in the Send Wallet (#4796 #4755) @dennisreimannProperly parse an imported wallet’s xpub when it contains a fingerprint and keypath (#4781) @dennisreimannForms can include HTML select components (#4726) @KukksCheckout v2: Celebrate payment with confetti (#4727) @dennisreimannCheckout v2: Option to display amount in Sats in BIP21 case (#4730) @dennisreimannStore Email rules: Can send test emails (#4843) @NisabaStore Email rules: Support HTML/Rich Text emails (#4843) @NisabaAdd presets to optimize checkout experience for retail use (#4756) @NicolasDorierDashboard: Add labels for recent txs dashboard widget (#4831) @dennisreimannAllow any bolt11 invoice for pullpayments/payouts, regardless of expiry @Kukks

Bug fixes

If connection to Lightning node was interrupted, payments would be missed. (#4865 #4840 #4525) @NicolasDorierLN Address’s Max sats payment was ignored. @NicolasDorierThe preferred currency of a Point of Sale’s App was ignored when paying through LNURL. @NicolasDorierThe payRequest generated by LNAddress wasn’t the same as the one generated by the callback (losing information about Min/Max spendable)With core lightning, getting payment by paymenthash wouldn’t return the successful payment if the first one failed.Do not propose Lightning payment if the LN Node is dead (#4795 #3541) @KukksPoint of Sale: Fix escaped HTML entities in item title (#4798) @dennisreimannFix: Labels added by payouts to transactions shouldn’t show HTML markups (#4790) @dennisreimannIf store user is Guest, “issue refund” shouldn’t be an option (#4595 #3512) @KukksFix wrong data mapping to store data instead of store user data (#4874) @ndeet


Checkout V2 will be the default for new stores (#4850) @NicolasDorierImprove UX for adding/removing labels on transaction view (#4796 #4706) @dennisreimannUI: Redesign Recovery Seed view (#4793) @TChukwuletaPolishing experimental custodian feature; see blog post soon (#4085) @woutersamaeyPrevent people from starting with –sqlitefile or –mysql (#4772) @NicolasDorierReplace text in copy buttons with icons (#4699 #4764) @dennisreimannPlugins will be able to introduce new types of apps in addition to Point of Sale and Crowdfund (#4608) @KukksDashboard: App stats (#4775) @dennisreimannUpdate price display (#4736) @dennisreimann @dstruktStore branding: Improve complementing text and accent colors (#4746) @dennisreimannUI: Improve pagination (#4828) @benalleng @dennisreimannCheckout V2: Remove Pay by LNURL Withdraw button if NFC isn’t supported by the browser (#4822) @dennisreimannGreenfield: Improve documentation of invoice’s metadata (#4869) @NicolasDorier

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