BTCPay Server v1.8.0: Custom Checkout Forms, Store Branding Options, Address Labeling, and More

This version brings custom checkout forms, store branding options, a redesigned Point of Sale keypad view, new notification icons and address labeling.

Read more information in v1.8.0 blog’s post.

New features

Generic Forms (#4561 #4668 #4697) @Kukks @dennisreimannAdd labels to addresses (#4594) @KukksGreenfield: Admins can create/delete API keys of any user (#4680) @NicolasDorier

Bug fix

Fix build and run scripts (#4655) @NicolasDorierFix missing style tag around embedded CSS (#4659) @dennisreimannFix crash during migration on some SQLite instances (#4623) @NicolasDorierFix HTML injection in payment request/posData/receiptData (#4679) @NicolasDorierShow available plugins even when btcpay version conditions are not met (#4717) @KukksFix: It wasn’t possible to use Point of Sale in an iframe if forms was asked to buyer (#4666 #4721) @dennisreimann @NicolasDorier


Different icons for notifications (#2510) @dstrukt @dennisreimannPOS: Track values (subtotal, discount, tip, total) individually (#4668) @dennisreimannStart using JSONB column instead of app side compressed data (#4574) @NicolasDorierUpdate transaction label display (#4700) @dennisreimannRemove JSON in strings from JObjects (#4703) @NicolasDorierDo not require docker for plugin restart @KukksPOS: Align Keypad centered vertically (#4690) @dennisreimannGreenfield: Show detailed Lightning routing error (#4722) @dennisreimannAdd currency code to payment request list (#4709) @bolatovumarTranslate Checkout v2 (#4710) @NicolasDorier

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