BTCPay Server v1.7.3: Bug Fixes

Bug fixes

Checkout v2: Fix modal iframe clipboard permissions (#4453) @dennisreimannCheckout: Fix cutoff language dropdown (#4465) @cdmossFix a crash on coin selection if we weren’t able to guess the color of a label (053426) @KukksIf using LNBank, LN invoices are not generated after upgrade to v1.7.2.0. You still need to also update the plugin. (#4458) @dennisreimannFix BTCPay invoice not settling after successful Lightning payment (CLN + Lightning Charge) (#4383) @dennisreimann


Make sure payment request print view doesn’t show table header twice (#4447) @bolatovumarAutomated payout processors shouldn’t spam logs on shutdown (#4193) @NicolasDorierCheckout v2: Reduce Altcoin name on payment method pill (#4456) @dennisreimannCheckout: Make CSS and logo paths relative (#4354) @bolatovumarCheckout: Add persian language back (#4457) @NicolasDorierFrontend cleanups (#4449 #4463 #4473) @dennisreimann

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