BTCPay Server v1.10.0: New Features & Improvements

“Notice: Due to the substantial disk space consumption, we are removing all data pertaining to past webhook deliveries (#5005).””This data, generally used for debugging integrations, will be regularly purged. Hereafter, any Webhook delivery data older than two months will be automatically deleted.””You can also read our blog post for a tour of the new features!”

New features

In addition to the Owner and Guest role available for users of a store, it is now possible to create new custom roles and to adjust the permissions granted by Owner and Guest. (#4940) @KukksForms: It was only possible to configure a forms via some JSON configuration, we now have a nice UI editor for it (#4968) @dennisreimann @dstruktSetting to hide sensitive info, such as balances and amounts (#4966) @dennisreimannForms: Add multiline input (#4942) @dennisreimannIn the refund workflow, make it easier to only reimburse overpaid amounts (#4934 #4812) @dennisreimann

Bug fixes

Fix: When using LNbank, payments would sometimes not be detected by BTCPay Server (dennisreimann/btcpayserver-plugin-lnbank#33) @NicolasDorierFix: If a altcoins is disabled from BTCPay and payout processor is used, it would crash at restart (#4997) @NicolasDorierFix: When the default currency of the store is SATS, the display on the dashboard was broken (#4994) @dennisreimannFix: When using a LND node, multi path payments with custom records would not be detected as valid payment @dennisreimann


Crowdfund and PoS app settings were saved in YAML, we are now using JSON. (#4792) @KukksAdd minrelayfee to payjoin request (#4689) @KukksImprove invoice filtering UI (#4914) @dennisreimann @dstruktStop generating new addresses when a new payment is detected (#4984) @NicolasDorierSupport Core Lightning v23.05 (#4970) @NicolasDorierCheckout v2: Improve expired paid partial state (#4827) @dennisreimannImprove create first store case (#4951) @dennisreimann @dstruktImprove Refund UI/UX (#4934 #3839 #4812) @dennisreimann @dstruktPrune old webhook delivery data (#5005) @NicolasDorierCan mark expired invoices as complete or invalid (#5006) @dennisreimann

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