BTC RPC Explorer v3.4.0: New Widgets, Tools, Bug Fixes & Polish

“The long overdue BitcoinExplorer v3.4 is here! See the latest code live at, and update your local server to enjoy it all!””Homepage widget updates include a new Halving countdown (auto-shows ~1yr in advance), hashrate comparison to ATH, median fee for next block, and a holiday celebration banner (if it’s a BTC holiday).””In the “Block Analysis” tool, now see a list of the top “BTC days destroyed” transactions.””A curated list of BTC Holidays is available to browse or to query via the API.””Extended PubKey (xpub) pages now include balances for addresses (if an Electrum server is configured). Expect improvements in this area in the future, but this is a nice start.””And many more bug fixes and improvements. If you get value from this project, please consider a donation to support continued work on it. Thanks!”

What’s new

Breaking changes to the API (see ./api/changelog)Homepage:

– New “Next Halving” widget in Network Summary.
– Show difficulty ATH comparison.
– Show “Next Block” fullness.
– Progress bar for difficulty adjustment estimate.
– Include median fee rate for next-block estimates (also on /next-block).
– Show a banner if ‘today’ is a Bitcoin ‘Holiday’ (see more below).Minor fixes for running against Bitcoin Core v23.Block Analysis: include top “days destroyed” transactions.URL change: /mining-template -> /next-block (redirect is included for compatibility).On Extended PubKey pages, include balance data for various address (if Electrum server is configured).New /next-halving tool.Several new API actions/changes; see /api/changelog.New /holidays, a curated list of Bitcoin ‘Holidays’.Support for different view options on /fun.On /difficulty-history, make delta graph honor timespan filtering.Proper use of production-ready MemoryStore for session data.Support for serving static assets via a configurable CDN.Misc fixes for erroneous data display on non-mainnet nodes.Switch from fontawesome to bootstrap-icons v1.8.0.Refreshed miner-identification database.Refreshed “Dark” theme with blues toned down (legacy dark theme still available).UI/UX tweaks.Misc minor fixes.Updated dependencies.


app/utils.js: minerInfo only on mainnet by @jsarenik in #407index-network-summary: Next Block not on signet by @jsarenik in #433tx api: add address, type, value to vin. add fee. by @pointbiz in #434new xyzpub API returns txids by @pointbiz in #436Feature api 24 hour volume in BTC by @pointbiz in #446Dockerfile: update node to v16 by @jsarenik in #450Fix /address/ API for testnet P2PKH addresses by @v0s in #453fix: stutter typo “for the the next block” by @chabroA in #468add block header API by @pointbiz in #471tx api: add mempool data for unconfirmed tx by @pointbiz in #479expose mempool size and total fees in api by @pointbiz in #490btcHolidays: Fix custory typo by @jsarenik in #497Update the 0xB10C pool URL by @ExperiBass in #514Don’t strip trailing zeros from values by @ExperiBass in #504Improved xyzpub screen with some address details by @Thierry61 in #518Use new electrs error message when an address has a history longer than the configured lookup limit by @ExperiBass in #494Fix QR code not loading on address page by @ExperiBass in #523btcHolidays: fix the name by @jsarenik in #543Node details page improvements by @Thierry61 in #546added docker-compose.yml by @st3b1t in #549

New Contributors

@jsarenik made their first contribution in #407@v0s made their first contribution in #453@chabroA made their first contribution in #468@ExperiBass made their first contribution in #514@Thierry61 made their first contribution in #518@st3b1t made their first contribution in #549

Full Changelog: v3.3.0…v3.4.0

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