BoltCard Tools Terminal App v1.0.2 Released

“We just released another open-source app for the Bolt Card community,” announced @SwissBitcoinPay.”Have you ever tried to pay via Lightning with your BoltCard, but the merchant’s Point-of-Sale doesn’t support it? With this simple app, you can scan his invoice with your phone, tap your BoltCard on your phone, to pay him directly, in Peer-2-Peer, from your node to his node.””You can also pay Onchain invoices with your BoltCard seamlessly using Swiss Bitcoin Pay’s integrated swap service.”Learn more about Bolt Cards at


Available on Android and iOS;Pay Lightning invoices on any device with your BoltCard;Works with any BoltCard;Truly P2P: you pay directly from your BoltCard’s node to merchant’s node;No tracker or data sent to external servers;Fully open-source (MIT license).

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