Blockstream’s Greenlight – Scalable, Non-Custodial Lightning Infrastructure Is Now Open to Developers

“We’re excited to announce Greenlight’s new developer preview!””Greenlight is a Lightning-as-a-Service (LaaS) that developers can use to integrate non-custodial Lightning in their apps with just a few API calls.””While we are still actively developing Greenlight, the public interfaces are stable and ready for you to explore.””There are two domains of control in Greenlight: the user and Blockstream. The result is a non-custodial, on-demand Lightning node where your keys are stored on your device and never touch our infrastructure,” states Blockstream’s blog post.”Today we are extremely proud to open-source the #greenlight client repository as part of our Developer Preview! Included are the client libraries, with bindings for python and JS, as well as all the tools to self-host a Greenlight node,” wrote Christian Decker, Core Tech Engineer at Blockstream.”The goal of Greenlight is to provide an easy way for developers build on the Lightning Network, without having to dig into the finer details of the protocol, but also for users to just get started. Once they are up-to-speed, the users can offboard into their own infrastructure.””In addition we have an extensive testing framework that allows developers to test their applications and integrations locally, for better speed and more direct feedback.””We invite you to join us on Discord in the #greenlight channel or on the developer page of the Build On L2 community, to share your thoughts and experiences, where you can also keep an eye out for upcoming workshops on Greenlight.”

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