Block 826675: Important News of the Week

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Releases and updates

RoboSats v0.6.0 Pre-release: Introducing RoboSats FederationSemaphore: P2P Crowdfunding with BitcoinFountain v1.0.2: Android Improvements, Library Customization & Swipe GesturesLDK v0.0.119: API Updates, Performance Improvements, & FixesLDK v0.0.120: Important Bug Fixes, Full Blinded Paths Support & MoreAgoraDesk App v1.1.16 ReleasedFulcrum v1.9.8: Correctness ImprovementNostream v2.0.0: Removed NIP-26 SupportUnleashed.Chat v0.1.7: API Release & Nostr Mode ImprovementsPlasma v1.0.5 Is Now Available on the App StoreNix Bitcoin v0.0.102 ReleasedBlueWallet v6.4.16: Improvements & Fixes (Updated)Sparrow Wallet v1.8.2: Improved Transaction Tree Labels & MoreHermes: Fedimint-based Lightning Address ServerBDK v1.0.0-alpha.4: Improved KeychainTxOutIndex API & FixesNutband: Experiment with Cashu Over Reticulum Mesh Network ProtocolCOLDCARD Mk4 v6.2.2X Edge Firmware ReleasedElectrum v4.5.2: Bug Fixes


Bitcoin Optech #285: Past CLN Vulnerability, New Soft Fork Proposals & MoreHashrate Index 2023 Bitcoin Mining Year in Review – Report

Mining stats

Bitcoin mining difficulty went down to 70.34T this week.The network’s hashrate (7-day SMA) is also down and is currently reaching ~502 EH/s. The decline is attributed to a severe cold outbreak in Texas.

Lightning stats

Lightning Network’s capacity is at 4920 BTC this week, with 160 fewer nodes and 600 fewer channels compared to the previous week.

Nostr stats

More than 6000 new users joined Nostr last week, per to stats, there are over 10000 trusted pubkeys writing nostr events daily. Weekly active real nostr users are at ~25000.

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