Block 825636: Important News of the Week

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Nigeria’s Central Bank ‘Softens’ Its Stance, Permits Bank Accounts for Bitcoin CompaniesFCA’s ‘Consumer Protection’ Regulations Make Centralized Exchanges Unusable for Retail Bitcoin Savers in UKSEC’s X Account Gets Hacked, Makes a Fake Bitcoin Spot ETF AnnouncementSpiral Grants Support to Fedimint Developer JoschisanSEC Approves 11 Bitcoin Spot ETF Applications (Updated)Bitwise Will Donate 10% of Its Bitcoin ETF Profits to Brink, OpenSats and the Human Rights FoundationVanEck To Donate 5% of Its Bitcoin ETF Profits to Support Bitcoin Core Developers

Updates and releases

BDK v1.0.0-alpha3: LocalChain Hard-wired Genesis Block & MoreAmethyst v0.83.5: Support & MoreFiatLink: A Lightning-Fiat Standard For Bitcoin On and Off RampsMercury Layer Has Been ReleasedPayjoin (PDK) v0.13.0: Improved Taproot, V2 & Receiver Error Handling SupportUnleashed.Chat v0.1.4: API Key Auth, Nostr Mode ImprovementsBitcoin Victoria Falls: New Bitcoin Circular Economy in Livingstone, ZambiaBitcoin Connect v3.2.0-alpha ReleasedGeyser Launches: New Fundraisers and InitiativesElectrum v4.5.0 ReleasedBlink Plugin for BTCPay Server ReleasedNostr Image Host: Upload & View Images Without API KeyMutiny Wallet & Node v0.5.3: Nostr Contact Search, Fediminint Fixes & More


Bitcoin Optech #284: LN Anchors & v3 Transaction Relay, LN-Symmetry Research Implementation

Mining stats

Bitcoin network’s hashrate (7-day SMA) continues to increase and currently is at ~532 EH/s.Next Bitcoin mining difficulty adjustment is expected to occur in ~923 blocks or approximately 6 days.

Lightning stats

Lightning network capacity tumbled below 5000 BTC, while the Lightning node count increased by nearly 100 this week, per

Nostr stats

Nearly 4000 new users joined the Nostr network this week.

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