Block 794754: Important News of the Week

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Julian Assange Loses US Extradition Challenge, Will ReappealRoboSats Admin Banned From Telegram, Communications Moved to Matrix, SimpleX & NostrHackers Stole $3 Million By Impersonating Crypto JournalistsBuild On L2 Supports VLS Integration into Greenlight with $150K GrantOslo Freedom Forum 2023 Day 1, Day 2 and Financial Freedom Track StreamsDamus To Be Removed From Apple’s App Store in 14 Days Due To ZapsAtomic Wallet Heist Tops $100 Million, Method Still Unknown, Says Surveillance Firm EllipticZapping Notes Is Not Allowed, Says Apple, As The Battle For Zaps on App Store ContinuesZeus v0.7.6 Update Rejection By Apple Highlights A Need For Open AlternativesBlockstream’s ASIC Miner To Launch in Q3 of 2024Jack Dorsey’s #startsmall Pledges $5M Over 5 Years To Support Bitcoin DevelopersStrike’s ‘Send Globally’ Now Available in Mexico Thanks To Partnership with RelampagoBlock Opens Public Beta of Bitkey, Partners with Cash App and CoinbaseU.S. Government Is Buying Intimate Data About Americans – Government ReportBinance Pool Launches BTC Transaction AcceleratorBlackRock’s iShares Files For a Spot Bitcoin ETFMicroStrategy Lightning Platform To Debut In Q3 2023Nostr Protocol Surpasses 1 Million Zaps MilestoneLeaked EU CBDC Bill Outlaws Interest, Programmability & Large Holdings

Releases and Updates

NostrMesh: Self-Healing ESP32 Nostr-Arduino Based Mesh-NetworkBlueWallet v6.4.5 ReleasedNostore Signing Extension for MacOS Now Available on Apple App StoreArcade v0.1.0-beta: Nostr Chat MVPPostr: Payjoin Using NostrCore Lightning v23.05.1: Bugfix ReleaseMnemonikey: Human-Readable PGP Key BackupsBitMask v0.6.0 Beta: Mainnet Support, Taproot, RGB, CarbonadoMyNode v0.3.18: Enabled mempoolfullrbf, App Improvements: Tech Sub, Markdown Shortcuts & MoreTails v5.14: LUKS2 with Argoin2id, Backups, Captive Portal Detection, Electrum DonationsBitcoin Satellite v0.2.4 on Bitcoin Core v25.0 ReleasedBitcoin Volunteer Opportunity Board for FOSS Projects LaunchedCitadel v0.2.3 and Citadel Nirvati Technical Preview Are Available to Download As Alpha SoftwareZeus v0.7.6 Released: Notes, Fiat Exchange Rates and POS ImprovementsBTC RPC Explorer v3.4.0: New Widgets, Tools, Bug Fixes & PolishAmethyst v0.58.2: Post Animations, Custom Reactions and Bug FixesTorq v0.23.0: Open Telemetry Instrumentation, Jaeger Tracing & MoreGrapheneOS v2023061402: June Security Patch & Bug FixesBitcoin Keeper v1.0.5: Subscription PlansNostr Sites: Turn Your Nostr Note Into A WebpageSnort v0.1.10: Gossip Model, NPM PackageFloresta v0.4.0: New Features and Bug FixesAlby v2.1.0: Maintenance & New APIsRGB Core v0.10.4 ReleasedJoinInBox v0.8.0: Standalone Updates


Bitcoin Optech #255: Taproot AnnexReport: Bitcoin vs the $156 Trillion Global Payments IndustryTracing ASIC Fingerprints to Reshape Our Understanding of Bitcoin Mining – ReportSearchEngine.Party: Search Engines Classified by Privacy and Security

Mining stats

Bitcoin mining difficulty increased once again, this time by 2.18% to 52.35T – a new network all-time high.Bitcoin hashrate (simple 7-day moving average) is also at its highs at ~380 EH/s, per

Lightning stats

The total Lighting network capacity has gone up by slightly more than 10 BTC despite slightly reduced node count (-0.5% or 123 nodes fewer since last Saturday). The channel count also dropped below 70,000, from 70025 last week to 69082 today, per estimations.

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