Block 793717: Important News of the Week

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Atomic Wallet Hack: At Least 1% of Users Affected, $35M+ Stolen, Surveillance Firm Elliptic Says North Korea’s Lazarus Group Responsible For The HackPete Rizzo’s Twitter Account Has Been CompromisedBcademy, Boltz, Equitas, JAN3, Maven and Mifiel Joined The Liquid FederationEU Study Calls for Additional Invasive Regulation via ‘Euro Wallet,’ Still Calls Bitcoin’s Proof-of-Work Outdated TechSEC Sued Binance and CZ For ‘Blatant Disregard of the Federal Securities Laws,’ Named Coins It Deemed As SecuritiesOperation Triangulation: iOS Devices Targeted with Previously Unknown MalwareEl Salvador’s Volcano Energy Secures $1B in Commitments for 241 MW Bitcoin MineSEC Sues Coinbase For Running Unregistered Securities Exchange, Brokerage and Clearing AgencySEC Moves to Freeze Binance.US AssetsChrome Update Addresses New Zero-Day ExploitStakwork Pledged $180K For Bitcoin DevelopmentRiot Platforms Awarded Research Grant to Tobin C. HardingMay 2023 Mining Ops Updates: Riot, Marathon, Core Scientific, Cipher, Stronghold, CleanSpark & MoreAmboss Launched LINER Index For Measuring Cost and Yield on The Lightning NetworkBitcoin-Denominated Life Insurer Sets Up Shop with $19M Funding From Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI & Google’s VC FundRumor: Prime Trust Was On The Verge of Bankruptcy, Users Urged To Withdraw Funds From ExchangesBitGo Signed Letter of Intent to Acquire Prime TrustVexl Foundation and Financial Tyranny Index Launched by SatoshiLabsBinance.US To Be Cut Off From The Banking System, Stops US Institutional ExchangeDOJ Charges Two Russians For Attempt To Launder 647000 BTC Stolen From Mt Gox

Releases and Updates

Seed Tool v2.1.0: Updated Styling and Bug FixesTBD Launched Tech Preview of Web5 Verifiable Credentials ToolkitParmanode v3.3.7: Electrum Desktop WalletSatellite CDN: Scalable Media Hosting For The Nostr EcosystemBitkit v1.0.0-beta.51: Bug Fixes and Performance ImprovementseNuts (Alpha): Mobile Cashu Wallet with Lightning SupportBlockstream’s Greenlight – Scalable, Non-Custodial Lightning Infrastructure Is Now Open to DevelopersLND v0.16.3-beta: Mempool Optimizations & Bug FixesOnyx: A Censorship-Free Fork of AmethystCashcrab: Cashu Wallet with Flutter UIBTCPay Server v1.10.2: Bug FixesLightning Terminal v0.10.1-alpha: Updates and Bug FixesMusig Playground: Send BTC With Multiple People While Looking Like One PersonTor Browser v12.0.7 ReleasedZEBEDEE Integrated ZBD App with NostrLnprotest: Lightning BOLT Protocol Test FrameworkFedi Launched First Ever Pop-Up Federation For BTC Prague EventGrapheneOS v2023060700 ReleasedStrike Moved To Its Own Infrastructure, Rolls Out New Features and CapabilitiesMercuryLayer: A New Mercury Statechain ProtocolAmethyst v56.4: NIP-89 Notes, Compressed Uploads & MoreCoracle v0.2.30: Mostly MaintenanceNunchuk iOS v1.9.26: Batched TransactionsElectrs v0.9.14: Fixes and Updates

Guides and Research

Miner Fee Gathering Capability: Out of Band FeesnsecBunker: How To Set Up Your Nostr Keys Management FortressBitcoin Optech #254: Using MATT to Replicate CTV & Manage JoinpoolsBIP for Silent Payments Is Out For ReviewA New Class of ECDSA Signature Vulnerability Observed in the Wild on the Bitcoin Blockchain

Mining stats

Next Bitcoin mining difficulty adjustment is expected to happen in 580 blocks or approximately 4 days.Bitcoin hashrate (simple 7-day moving average) is reaching new highs at ~375 EH/s.

Lightning stats

Total Lightning Network capacity has gone up by nearly 40 BTC despite the total notal node and channel count going down by approximately 1% this week, per

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