Block 789560: Important News of the Week

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High Fees Force Binance To Rediscover Bitcoin, Explore Lightning WithdrawalsMuun Wallet Is Experiencing Issues As High Fees ContinueBittrex U.S. Files For Chapter 11, Bittrex Global To Continue OperationsHuman Rights Foundation Gifts 16.5 BTC For 12 Bitcoin ProjectsChina’s Bitcoin Ban Has Been Ineffective: At Least $17Bn Transferred by Chinese Nationals Last YearPaxful Marketplace Comes Back Online Under Leadership By A CustodianBitcoin Ownership Is Rising As More People Hedge Currency Devaluation, Failing BanksStripe Launches Fiat-to-Crypto Onramp That Also Supports Bitcoin PurchasesMi Primer Bitcoin Crowdfunds 1 BTC On Geyser For 2023 ExpansionPayPal Customers Hold $500M Worth of Bitcoin On The PlatformBitMEX Extended Chris Coverdale‚Äôs StratumV2 Grant Until November 2023Marathon Digital and Zero Two To Develop Large-Scale Immersion Bitcoin Mining Facilities in Abu DhabiBitcoin Held On Exchanges Hits Five Year LowTether Reports $1.48Bn In Q1 Profit, Reveals Bitcoin and Gold HoldingsLedger Bitcoin App’s Implementation of Miniscript Had A Theft Enabling BugHMRC Seeks Powers To Seize Bitcoin From Custodial WalletsAdopting Bitcoin 2023 Conference To Take Place on November 7-9 in San SalvadorEU To Introduce New Rules on Sharing Crypto Tax DataBrad Sherman Brags That US Gov Can Print Millions Out Of Thin Air, Then Calls Out Grayscale For GBTCSummer of Bitcoin 2023 Received 10357 Student Applications From 74 CountriesBlockFi Users Can Withdraw $300M From Custodial Wallets But Not $375M From Interest-Bearing Accounts – JudgeBinance Closes Down in Canada

Updates and Releases

Nostr Development Kit(s): Build Nostr-Related ApplicationsAlby Extension v2.0.0: Significant UI UpgradesMostro: Lightning Network P2P Exchange Platform on NostrParmanode v3.2.0: Added LND, Mempool SpaceBTCPay Server v1.9.3: Polish and Bug FixesNix Bitcoin v0.0.91: Software UpdatesLNbits v0.10.6: Fixed LndHub Issues and MoreZapPlanner: Periodic Payments in BitcoinBull Bitcoin Launches No KYC Bitcoin Purchases with Cash or DebitNunchuk Android v1.9.30, iOS v1.9.25 ReleasedFoundation Passport v2.1.0: P2TR, BIP-85, Nostr, SeedQR Export & MoreMutiny Node v0.3.0: Address Labeling, Contacts & LoggingRoboSats v0.5.0-alpha: Upgraded Robot Authentication & MoreBitcoin Optech #250: PoWswap ProtocolZappedIt: Reddit-Style Client For NostrCurrent App v0.0.9: Wallet Connect, Improved Search ViewAzteco Bitcoin Vouchers Can Now Be Purchased with Cash At Over 126000 Locations in BrazilCore Lightning v23.05 ReleasedDamus v1.4.3: App Store ReleaseTwentyone.World: A Blueprint for Localized Bitcoin CommunitiesAmethyst v0.46.0: Tor SupportListr: Create and Manage Lists on NostrBay Wallet: LDK Wallet & Nostr Client By Tampa PlebsNostr Plebs Email Service LaunchedPinstr: Boards for Curating and Sharing Ideas & InterestsBitkit v1.0.0-beta.46: UI Improvements & Bug FixesPrimal Open Sourced Its Hallmark Nostr Caching ServiceElectrum v4.4.3: More Bug FixesLiana v1.0 Released: UI and UX OverhaulCashu Nutshell v0.12.0: Wallet REST API, TokenV3, Coin Global Nostr Relay NetworkEdge Firmware for Coldcard Mk4 – Developer PreviewMagic Webstore (ex-Superstore): Ecommerce Simplified

Research and Guides

Fiatjaf: Using Spacechains and Fedimint to Solve ScalingProposal: Payment Route Reservation – PTLC/HTLC with Reusable Static InvoicesZeroSync: Introducing Validity Proofs to Bitcoin

Mining Stats

Bitcoin fees craze fueled by Ordinals and BRC-20 token boom has subsided in the second half of the week. Currently, one would pay 65 sat/vB to get into the next block, per mining difficulty is set to adjust in approximately 700 blocks or the next 5 days.Next bitcoin halving is estimated to happen in approximately 12 months from now, or in slightly more than 50000 blocks.

Lightning Stats

The Lightning Network capacity went down by 11 BTC, down to 5438 BTC, while the total node count increased by 175 nodes, up 1.2% in last 7 days. The network’s channel count went up as well, as there currently are 198 channels more compared with the previous week, per

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