Block 788553: Important News of the Week

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Hamas to Stop Accepting Bitcoin Donations Due to Privacy Risk for DonorsOhio Man Gets 4 Years For Sweeping Brother’s 712 BTC Subject To ForfeitureThe Kingdom Of Bhutan Confirmed It Has Been Mining Bitcoin For Several Years First Republic Bank Seized, Sold to JPMorgan In Second-Largest U.S. Bank FailureVenmo Is Rolling Out Bitcoin Transfers to External WalletsBlueWallet Postpones Lightning Node Sunset Date to May 31’DM Reporter Bot’ Serves A Reminder About The Current State of Nostr DMsOngoing Attack On I2P Network: Bitcoin Nodes Using i2pd AffectedSamara Asset Group Donates $150,000 To Bitcoin Development, Commits For 3 Consecutive YearsCoinbase Sued for Harvesting Customer Face and Fingerprint DataBalaji Forfeits $1M BTC Bet, Donates Additional $500k to Support Bitcoin DevelopmentBitcoin Network Reaches New Transaction All-Time High As Fees Surge Due To BRC-20 TokensWho Benefits From The New York Times’ Attacks on Bitcoin?Coinbase Launches Offshore Derivatives ExchangeBiden Administration Proposes A 30% Tax on Bitcoin MiningFedi Raises $17 Million in Series A RoundBhutan Plans a $500 Million Fund for Bitcoin Mining in the HimalayasBitcoin Optech #249: MATT-based Vaults, Signature Adaptor Security AnalysisSummer 2023 Bitcoin Industry Apprenticeship Program AnnouncedYou Can Buy a Hacked Credit Card for Only $15, A Verified Binance Account for $410, New Report ShowsOpenSats Receives Additional Funding of $10M From Jack Dorsey’s #startsmallBinance Admits to Blocking Thousands of Iranian Accounts Needlessly Due To SanctionsUS Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr Defends Bitcoin MiningNorth Carolina County Bans Commercial Bitcoin Mining For A YearSuper Testnet Releases A Tool That Breaks OrdinalsOpen Source AI Will Outcompete Google & OpenAI, Leaked Document ClaimsCash App Sold $2.16 Billion Worth of Bitcoin in Q1, Up By 25% Year Over YearIndia Banned 14 Messenger Apps Allegedly Used For Spreading Terror and PropagandaEl Salvador’s Bill On Eliminating Taxes On Tech Innovations Signed Into LawArgentina’s Central Bank Bans Financial Institutions From Offering BitcoinPopular Custodial Lightning Service May Be Exit ScammingMontana’s Right To Mine Bitcoin Bill Signed Into Law

Releases and Updates

Swap Service: An Orderbook For Performing Submarine Swaps Over NostrShiro, A Web Wallet Compatible with RGB, Is Now Available on UmbrelGaloy Mobile v2.2.34 ReleasedAmethyst v0.40.1: Highlighter Support, Global Media Feed, Amethyst v0.42.0: Private & Public Follow ListsMunstr: MuSig + NostrBisq v1.9.10: Performance Improvements and Bug FixesGrapheneOS v2023042900 ReleasedNostr Web Client Primal Adds Search FunctionalityZap Android Wallet Forked and Rebranded To BitBananaStack Duo v1.0.5: PayNym FixesNayuta Wallet v0.1.7: Support For No Amount InvoicesZeus v0.7.5: New Camera, Payment Path View & MoreLightning Terminal v0.9.2-alpha: LND Version BumpMyNode v0.3.16 ReleasedAgoraDesk App v1.1.1: Design ImprovementsFeni v0.1.8: Cashu Wallet & Mint Implementation in GolangAlby Launches Nostr Wallet Connect, Now Available on UmbrelOstrichGram: A Chat Software for Nostr NetworkStacker.News Launches Subs For Bitcoin & NostrNostr-tx-broadcast: Bitcoin Transactions Over Nostrnblog v0.4.0: New UI and Authors PageParmanode v2.3.4: BTCPay with Linux DesktopSphinx Relay v2.3.1 ReleasedKind3: Replace Your Nostr Follow ListBlixt Wallet v0.6.7: Fee Estimation, PassphrasesCalyxOS v4.9.0: May Security UpdateEphemerelay: Nostr Relay That Doesn’t Care About The Pastnostr-control: Talk To Your CLN Node Over Nostr DMsLNbits v0.10.5 Released (highly recommended update)Damus v1.4.3-20: Webp Image SupportMicroStrategy Lightning Platform Introduced at MicroStrategy WorldMercury Wallet v0.8.12 ReleasedElectrum v4.4.2: Various Bug FixesBlueWallet v6.4.3 ReleasedNostr Sovrn: Personal Nostr, Lightning & Email Addresses


LNMesh: Offline Lightning Network Payments Using Community Wireless Mesh NetworksTracking Growth in Payjoin AdoptionBitcoin Fundamentals Strengthen As Recession Looms – ARK Report

Mining Stats

Bitcoin mining difficulty adjusted downwards by ~1.43%, down to 48.01T.Bitcoin hashrate currently sits at ~349  EH/s (7-day simple moving average). Bitcoin transaction fees have been steadily increasing through the whole week and almost reached 150 sat/vB for high priority transaction today, per

Lightning Stats

The Lightning Network capacity has grown by nearly 2 BTC in the last seven days, while the total node count went up by 81 (+0.5%), despite a minor decrease in channel count (-0.2%), per

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