Block 786500: Important News of the Week

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Bhutan Sovereign Investment Fund Secretly Held Millions of Dollars in CryptocurrencySilk Road Hacker Sentenced For One Year and One Day In Prison For Wire FraudUnchained Raises $60M Series B Round, RebrandsIntel Discontinues Bitcoin Mining Chip Series Amid A Cost-Cutting SpreeApple’s iOS 17 Might Set The Stage For Sideloading Apps on iPhoneMichael Saylor’s Rationale Behind MicroStrategy Lightning Email AddressesFormer National Security Council Chief of Cybersecurity on Censoring BitcoinCoinbase Threatens To Move Its Base Outside US, Cites Lack of Regulatory ClarityTrezor Launches Coinjoin Integration with Wasabi WalletPSA: Upgrade Your LUKS Key Derivation FunctionEU Parliament Passes FATFs Travel Rule & MiCA Licensing RegulationsMullvad VPN Was A Subject To A Search Warrant, No Customer Data FoundCoinbase Gets Bermuda License, Plans To Launch Offshore Derivatives ExchangeTornado Cash Developer Alexey Pertsev Freed Pending TrialNIP-94 Merged: File Sharing on Nostr

Releases and updates

MyCitadel v1.2.0: More Supported Hardware SignersBTCPay Server v1.9.1: Bug FixesBitBox App v4.37: Bl├╝mlisalp UpdateBlockstream Green Mobile v4.0.0: Redesigned Mobile ExperienceDescriptor Wallet v0.9.2: Improved Command-line Explorern3xB: Naive Nostr No-KYC Exchange for BitcoinBDK v0.28.0 ReleasedNutstash Wallet v0.1.10: Available on Umbrel App StoreMyNode v0.3.15 ReleasedMutinynet: Custom Signet with 30 Second BlocksMuun Wallet v2.7.5: Improved Reliability, Unified QRAnanostr: A Craiglist Alternative on NostrNunchuk Desktop v1.9.18: UI ImprovementsPlebstr v0.3.0: Direct MessagesSnort v0.1.7: Per Event Zap Targets, Polls, Link PreviewsAgoraDesk Mobile App Is Officially Out of BetaZapworthy: Nostr HighlightsElectrum v4.4.0: New Android GUI, Privacy FeaturesStrom: Lightning/Nostr Enabled OCPP BridgeBalance of Satoshis v14.0.0 ReleasedRoninDojo v2.0.0: Switched OS from Manjaro to DebianWavman: Open Source Music Player for NostrTor Browser v12.0.5: Updates & Bug FixesPolar v1.4.1: Latest Node Implementation VersionsBitkit v1.0.0-beta.43 ReleasedJoininBox v0.7.7: Custom Change Address Option In SendLNbits v0.10.4 ReleasedAmethyst v0.34.1: Support for NIP-94, Fixes

Guides and Research

A Technical Overview of Taproot Outputs and MuSig2Bitcoin Hardware Wallets Overview (2023)

Mining Stats

Bitcoin mining difficulty has adjusted upwards yet again this week and reached a new all-time high of 48.71T.Average 7-day simple moving average of Bitcoin hashrate is currently hovering around 352 EH/s. The mempool has cleared several times this week, following a prolonged period of higher fees prompted by the Ordinals hype.

Lightning Stats

The Lightning Network node count has slightly increased this week, while the total network capacity and channel count have both decreased by less than 1%.

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