Block 785500: Important News of the Week

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Important News

Arkansas Bitcoin Mining Bill Headed To Governor’s DeskPocket Bitcoin Acquired Bitkipi WalletProposal: Resizing Lightning Channels Off-Chain With Hierarchical ChannelsBlock’s TBD Partners With Yellow Card To Enable Global Payments in 16 African CountriesBitcoin Amsterdam 2023 Will Take Place on October 12-13Montana’s ‘Right To Mine’ Bitcoin Bill Ready To Be Signed Into LawNIP-15: Nostr Marketplaces MergedBitcoin Policy UK: First Bitcoin-Only Policy Organization in the UKTether, The City of Lugano Partner With Swiss Universities for Plan ₿ Summer School ProgramCiv Kit: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Market SystemFree Roman Sterlingov – US Govt Nabs Wrong Man Through Blockchain AnalysisOnramp Bitcoin: First Multisig Spot Bitcoin TrustSweden Removes Tax Credits For Data Centers, Increases Tax Burden on Bitcoin Miners by 6000%

Important Updates

RGB Core v0.10.0 ReleasedBTCMap For Android v0.6.4: Speed Up Initial SyncRoboSats v0.4.3-alpha: Small Fixes & New FeaturesGrapheneOS v2023041100 Released: April Security PatchesLightspark Platform: Enterprise AI for Optimizing Lightning Liquidity, Connectivity and RoutingLiana v0.4 Released: Multiple Recovery PathsStrike Partners With Bitnob For Transfers To Senegal, Benin, Rwanda, Ivory Coast & TogoZEBEDEE Integrates Bitnob Cash Out OptionFuji App Announced Public BetaBTCPay Server v1.9.0 ReleasedTorq v0.20.0: Back-end OptimizationsStratum v2 Reference Implementation (SRI) Update Is OutVoltage: Nostr Support With NIP05, Lightning Address, and Extension for Nostr Live ChatsLightspark JS SDK v1.0.4 First Public ReleaseCalyxOS v4.8.0: April Security Update & Security ExpressDamus v1.4.2 ReleasedClams v1.7.0: Reliable Exchange RatesMercury Node: A Lightweight Lightning Node ImplementationParmanode v2.0.0: Raspberry Pi SupportNodeyez v23.04: New Config Tool

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Lightning Stats

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