Block 782461: Important News of the Week

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Nostrica 2023 Day 1: Updates and AnnouncementsSnort v.0.1.4: Umbrel App Store ReleaseNostrica 2023 Day 2 – Key Updates and LinksGeneral Bytes ATM Critical VulnerabilityRoboSats v0.4.2: Coordinator Bug FixGoogle Pixel Flaw Allows Recovery of Redacted, Cropped ImagesBitaxe v2.2: Open Source Bitcoin Mining Hardware & FirmwareNostrica 2023 Day 3 – Links and UpdatesHow Africans Are Using Bitcoin Without Internet AccessSamourai Dojo v1.19.0: Stability & Connectivity ImprovementsWasabi Wallet v.2.0.3: Back with Coin ControlBitcoin Product Community For Bitcoin Product Contributors95% of Nostr Zaps Go To Custodial WalletsBolt Card Wallet and Bolt Card Hub Are Now LiveTexas Introduces A Bill To Protect Bitcoin Holders, Miners and DevelopersThe President’s Annual Economic Report to Congress Attacks BitcoinNostros v. LNbits and Security UpdatesPlebbin: A Marketplace For BitcoinersStock Market Hitman Firm Hindenburg Research Takes Aim At Dorsey’s BlockFoundation Passport v.2.0.7: Better Memory Management & Bug FixesKollider Wallet: Browser-based Lightning & Nostr ExtensionGreenpeace FUD Backfires: Funds Badass Bitcoin ArtworkTorq v19.1: Auto Multi-Staged Workflows, Channel RebalancingStrike Launches Cheap, Instant Remittances to Vietnam

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