Block 781352: Important News of the Week

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Multiple Vulnerabilities Found in Samsung Exynos ModemsNostr DIY Signing Device Launched by LNBitsRoninDojo Launches Privacy Phone: RoninMobileSpecter Desktop v2.0.0: Refined UI, Electrum Server Support & Tor ConnectivityArgentina’s Annual Inflation Rate Soars Past 100%International Authorities Take Down ChipMixer Custodial Mixing ServiceLNBits: A New Version of The LNURL-pay ExtensionRoboSats Temporarily Turns Off Swaps After A Bug Allows Attacker To Drain 5M SatsHodl Hodl: New UI/UX Improvements As P2P Trading Volume SoarsLuxOS: Antminer-compatible Firmware by Luxor TechnologiesStart9 Embassy OS v0.3.4 ReleasedWolf Lightning Network Accelerator Announced First CohortEl Salvador Launches Bitcoin, Lightning Developer Educational ProgramBitcoin Miner Game Surpassed One Million PlayersLightning Labs Taro Project Temporarily Frozen For Trademark InfringementSVB Financial Group Files For Chapter 11Blixt Wallet v0.6.5: New Features & Bug FixesSatellite: New Nostr Web Client PrototypeStack Wallet v.1.6.2: Coin Control Features and FixesThe Draper Foundation Donates USD 100,000 For Bitcoin Development

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