Block 771775: Important News of the Week

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Major Bitcoin Banking Partner ‘Silvergate Bank’ Lost Over $700M Liquidating Debt to Cover $8.1 Billion in Withdrawals Amid Bank RunBDK v0.26.0: Improves Fulcrum Electrum Server Compatibility, Enhancements, and Bug FixesFountain v0.6: Zebedee is New Custodial Wallet Provider, Activity Feed, Deposit with Bank Card, and UI/UX UpgradesNostros v0.2.0.1-alpha: Android Nostr ClientNYDIG: 2022 Review and Look AheadGemini CoFounder Cameron Winklevoss Accuses Barry Silbert and DCG of Fraud in Open Letter to DCG BoardResearchers Post Analysis of Encrypted Messenger ‘Threema’: Seven Vulnerabilities DisclosedBitcoin Optech #233Hashrate Index 2022 Bitcoin Mining Year in Review

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