Block 760528: Weekly Digest

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Hodlonaut Defeats Craig Wright In Norwegian Court Case: Judge Rules CSW is Unlikely to be SatoshiAlby v1.18.0 Released: Adds Nostr SupportPublicly Traded Bitcoin Mining Firms Account for 25% of Total Bitcoin Hash Rate: Up from 10% a Year AgoTwo Chinese Intelligence Officers Charged with Obstruction of Justice in Scheme to Bribe U.S. Government Employee with $61000 in BitcoinLearning From The LND Bug That Could Have Robbed The Lightning NetworkChinese Spies Used Wasabi Wallet Coinjoin Tool to Pay Bitcoin Bribes to FBI Double Agent40 Million Cash App Users Can Now Receive Bitcoin Lightning Payments: Integrates BIP21 Unified QR CodesBiden Administration Wants To Make It Easier To Seize Bitcoin Without Criminal ChargesMargin Squeeze – How Bitcoin Mining Revenues Evaporated over the Past MonthsBitcoin Optech #223: Discussion on Enabling Full RBFKollider Raises $2.35M: Launches Lightning-Native Exchange, Synthetic Stablecoins, and WalletWorld’s Largest Bitcoin Mining Firm ‘Core Scientific’ Says It May Run Out of Cash: Halts Debt Payments Amid Solvency RiskPopular Lightning Analytics Company ‘Amboss’ Launches Controversial Data Sharing Feature That Threatens Lightning PrivacySparrow Wallet v1.7.0: Sparrow Terminal, Raspi 64-bit OS Support, RBF “Transaction Cancel” Support, and More

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