Block 758620: Weekly Digest

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Spiral Quarterly Update Covering LDK, BDK, Bitcoin Design, and MoreCelsius Disclosed Names and Transaction History of All Users During Bankruptcy: Any Wallet That Interacted with Celsius is Now Publicly Linked to Government IDLND v0.15.2-beta: Hotfix Release to Fix Sync Issue, Update ASAPMullvad: Android Leaks Traffic When Using a VPN Unless Users Run GrapheneOSProton Releases Stealth VPN Protocol: Uses TLS tunneling over TCP to Make Detection and Censorship More DifficultSpiral, Braiins Establish Working Group To Develop Stratum V2 Mining ProtocolBitcoin Ekasi Launches Financial Education Center In South AfricaResearch: Validity Rollups on BitcoinOnionShare v2.6: quickstart screen, automatic censorship circumvention, and better packagingCoin Center is Suing OFAC Over Its Tornado Cash SanctionBitcoin Optech #221Crusoe Energy Systems Acquires Great American Mining

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