Block 757373: Weekly Digest

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ZeroSync Utreexo Implementation in Development: Verify Bitcoin’s Chain State in an InstantFountain v0.5.1 – Autoplay Queue, Apple CarPlay, OPML Import & Performance UpgradesArrested Tornado Cash Developer to Stay in Jail After Appeal Rejected: Property may be Seized and AuctionedBitcoin Optech #220Tor Snowflake Makes It Easy For Anyone to Fight CensorshipStart9 Embassy OS v0.3.2 ReleasedColdcard Mk4 v5.0.7: Temporary Seed Signing, NFC Tools Menu, and MoreFoundation Passport v2.0.4: Extensions Menu Including Casa and Postmix Extension and MoreGrayscale Unveils Bitcoin Mining Investment Entity Operated by FoundryAlby v1.17.0: Improved LNBits and LNDHub IntegrationEuropean Union Announces New Sanctions Against Russia Including a “Ban” on All Russian Bitcoin Wallets

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