Block 753176: Weekly Digest

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Local US Law Enforcement Agencies Have Been Using an Obscure Cellphone Tracking Tool to Follow People’s Movements Months Back in Time Without a WarrantArcane Research: How Bitcoin Mining Can Transform The Energy IndustryHosted VPN Providers Shut Down in India Over Anti-Privacy Law: India Will Soon Require Operators to Collect Names, Emails, and IP AddressesZeus v0.6.6 Released: Reproducible Builds for AndroidIRS Says It Exposed Confidential Taxpayer Data for 120K Individuals on WebsiteThis Month in Bitcoin Privacy: August 2022Russia To Legalize Use Of Cryptocurrency In International TradeAustralian Federal Police Forms Cryptocurrency Unit Focused on Tracking and Seizing FundsMajor Bitcoin Mining Pool With 10% of Hash Rate, ‘Poolin’, Appears to be Insolvent: Withdrawals Have Been FrozenHuman Rights Foundation Donates $325K to Bitcoin Development: Eight Donations in TotalResearch – Pikachu: Securing PoS Blockchains from Long-Range Attacks by Checkpointing into Bitcoin PoW using TaprootBitcoin Optech #216The State of Lightning One Year After El Salvador’s Bitcoin AdoptionArthur Hayes: For The WarDoctor Bitcoin, Jailed For Selling Bitcoin P2P, Warns OthersFountain Podcasts v0.4.8 Released: New Charts, Faster Boosts, Faster Clipping, Referral UpdateHow Jay-Z and Jack Dorsey’s Bitcoin Academy Provides Financial Inclusion and Breaks Down Barriers of InequityCoinbase is Funding a Lawsuit Challenging the U.S. Treasury Department’s Sanctions of Tornado Cash

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