Block 751064: Weekly Digest

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Built With Bitcoin Completes Clean Water Project For 1,000 Nigerian Villagers
* provides the Igbaruku village with clean water, where the community previously had to travel miles to reach a contaminated water source

Lightning Channel Jamming Research
* the costs and impacts of jamming * potential solutions

Craig Wright Vs. Hodlonaut: A Timeline Of The Legal Battle
* On September 12, 2022, a seven-day trial will begin in Oslo, Norway between Craig Wright and the pseudonymous Bitcoiner, hodlonaut.

Tether Releases Independent Auditor Report From Accounting Firm BDO
* total assets amount to at least US$ 66,409,619,424 * total liabilities amount to US$66,218,725,778…

Two Of Ukraine’s Largest Tech Retailers Now Accept Bitcoin
* retailers Techno Їzhak and Stylus now accept bitcoin online and in-store

FDIC issues cease-and-desist letters to five companies, including FTX
* for false and misleading claims

Legal Defense Fund Launched to Support Free Speech
* operated by opensats * will support hodlonaut and other open source contributors facing lawsuits https://defendingbtc.comarchive:

PayPal Joins Surveillance Compliance Trade Group “TRUST”
* 38 members, including: Anchorage Digital, Binance, bitFlyer, BitGo, Bittrex, BlockFi, Circle, Coinbase, Crypto(.)com, Fidelity Digital Assetsˢᵐ, Gemini, Kraken, Nexo, Paxos, Prime Trust, Robinhood, sFOX, Shakepay…

Former Security Lead at Twitter Goes Public with Concerns Over Security on the Platform
* Peiter “Mudge” Zatko * a chaotic and reckless environment at a mismanaged company that allows too many of its staff access to the platform’s central controls and most sensitive information without adequate oversight…

Fedimint Development Update
* The Fedimint open-source project, so far in 2022, has attracted many new contributors leading to an all-time high in project activity * Lightning has been integrated * Fedi has been founded

Coinbase Faces Class Action for Crashing During Volatility, Listing Securities
* class-action lawsuit is asking for $5 million in damages from Coinbase over the exchange’s propensity to crash during market volatility

US Congressman Tom Emmer Writes Letter to US Treasury in Defense of Ethereum Privacy Tool ‘Tornado Cash’
* “The growing adoption of decentralized technology will certainly raise new challenges for OFAC. Nonetheless, technology is neutral and the expectation of privacy is normal.”

Intel Signs $30 Billion Funding Partnership With Brookfield to Finance Chip-Factory Expansion
* Intel would fund 51% of the cost of building new chip-making facilities in Chandler, Ariz., and will have a controlling stake in the financing vehicle that would own the new factories, Intel Chief Financial Officer David Zinsner said. Brookfield will own the remainder of the equity and the compani…

The Scaling Problem For Lightning Lab’s Taro On The Bitcoin Blockchain
* Taro is a new protocol being developed at Lightning Labs that promises to enable creation and transfer of digital assets on the Bitcoin blockchain and specifically on the Lightning Network. * Any protocol that requires a bitcoin transaction to move another asset will be inherently limited by the…

BIPBounty: Tax Deductible Bug Bounties for Bitcoin
* Incentivize the research, development, and vetting of Bitcoin Improvement Proposals by implementing a system for crowdsourcing tax-deductible bug bounties

Bitcoin Optech #214
* guide about channel jamming attacks * updates to a silent payments PR * changes to services & client software * adds a silent payments topic

Tether is Not Blacklisting Accounts Associated with Tornado Cash
* “Tether has not been contacted by U.S. officials or law enforcement with a request” to freeze transactions with Tornado Cash, Tether’s chief technology officer, Paolo Ardoino, said in a statement, adding that the company “normally complies with requests from U.S. authorities.” * It is not clear w…

Tether Holds Firm on Decision Not To Freeze Tornado Cash Addresses, Awaits Law Enforcement Instruction
* OFAC has not indicated that a stablecoin issuer is expected to freeze secondary market addresses that are published on OFAC’s SDN List or that are operated by persons and entities that have been sanctioned by OFAC. Further, no US law enforcement agency or regulator has made such a request

niftynei’s Unscientific Liquidity Sales Guide
* Skip Tor * Be Mindful of Your Closing Costs * Routing Fees vs Liquidity Sales * On-Chain vs In-Channel Liquidity

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