Blink Wallet v2.2.209 Released

“Blink version 2.2.209 is rolling out today; it will be the final release of the year. Download it:”Learn more about Blink wallet by reading this quick review by @Natalia.Due to regulatory restrictions, Blink is not offering any services for users from the following countries: Azerbaijan, Belarus, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Iran, Iraq, Russia, Syria, Sri Lanka, Uzbekistan, United States, North Korea.


In 2023, Blink (ex-Bitcoin Beach Wallet) has added the following new and improved features:NFC contactless payments: pay to Blink with @bolt_card, @bitcoin_ring and other NFC devices.Transaction batching for fee savings: “Blink’s on-chain fees are highly competitive, thanks in part to the open source infrastructure from @galoymoney, allowing us to efficiently batch on-chain transactions.””We’ve also introduced ‘High Fee’ alerts to help you avoid accidentally overpaying in high-fee environments.”2FA – Two Factor Authentication: ability to lock down your Blink account with two-factor authentication (TOTP).20 new lessons: “The best way to onboard people to Bitcoin is education. Welcome people with our Earn section. Drop a note if you want to help translate it!”BlinkAPI – Build apps & integrations: “A powerful, cost-effective, and reliable solution for integrating Bitcoin into your projects, without having to worry about liquidity and channel management.”Buy & Sell Bitcoin: “Off-ramp and On-ramp now available in El Salvador. ransfer with Bank Account. Try it out: Tap the “Price” button in the top-left of home screen.”Notification settings: “Customize your mobile alerts to suit your preferences.”Blink Circles: “Circles makes it easy to track your onboarding progress and earn rewards for boosting Bitcoin adoption with Blink.””Get ready for our January Circles challenge! Grow your outer circle by 10 in January for a chance at $100!”Point of Sale web app (receive only).LNURL Paycodes: “Accept Bitcoin effortlessly at your business or receive Lightning tips! Set up a QR code or permanent Lightning Address for seamless transactions. Paycode is interoperable across various Lightning wallets.”20+ languages and counting. “Choose from over 20 wallet language options. Danish recently added, and Hungarian in progress. Drop a note if you’d like to help maintain or add a language.”

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