BitMEX Renews Chris Coverdale’s Bitcoin Developer Grant With a Focus on StratumV2

BitMEX has extended Chris Coverdale’s Bitcoin developer grant until May 2023, a six month extension from the previous grant. This is the third consecutive time BitMEX has provided Chris a grant and BitMEX continues to support his work for the long term.Chris is working on implementing Stratum V2, which is a new Bitcoin mining protocol, which controls how miners connect to mining pools. The new protocol was designed by Bitcoin engineers such as Pavel Moravec, Jan Čapek and Matt Corallo. Stratum V2 could improve Bitcoin’s censorship resistance, by improving the security of communication for block templates and mining submissions. Part of the protocol also allows miners to select their own transactions to negotiate with the pool, rather than being given the block header to work on by the pool.Alongside BitMEX, other organisations such as Foundry Digital, Galaxy Digital and Spiral are contributing to the development and implementation of StratumV2. The push for StratumV2 was recently covered in an article by Coindesk.

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