Bitcoin Optech #283: Past LND Vulnerabilities, Fee-dependent Timelocks & More

“This issue shares the disclosure of past vulnerabilities in LND, summarizes a proposal for fee-dependent timelocks, describes an idea for improving fee estimation using transaction clusters, discusses how to specify unspendable keys in descriptors, examines the cost of pinning in the v3 transaction relay proposal, mentions a proposed BIP to allow descriptors to be included in PSBTs, announces a tool that can be used with the MATT proposal to prove a program executed correctly, looks at a proposal for allowing highly efficient group exits from a pooled UTXO, and points to new coin selection strategies being proposed for Bitcoin Core.””Also included are our regular sections announcing new software releases and describing notable changes to popular Bitcoin infrastructure.””Bitcoin Optech will host an audio recap discussion of this newsletter with special guests Niklas Gögge, Antoine Riard, Abubakar Sadiq Ismail, Salvatore Ingala, and Gloria Zhao on Twitter Spaces Thursday at 15:00 UTC. Join us to discuss or ask questions!”

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