Bitcoin Non-Profit Brink is Now Funding 11 Bitcoin, Lightning Developers in Total

Brink, a non-profit dedicated to improving the Bitcoin protocol, now has 11 Bitcoin and Lightning developers supported by grants from the foundation.New additions to the list of developers: Michael Ford (fanquake), a Bitcoin Core maintainer, and Tadge Dryja, author of the Lightning and Discreet Log Contracts whitepaper.Vincenzo Palazzo and Larry Ruane are moving to full-time so they can focus their full attention on the Bitcoin ecosystem.Gloria Zhao has completed a fellowship with Brink and will begin mentoring less-experienced contributors. She will also take over the Bitcoin Core PR Review Club which serves as a pipeline for new developers in the ecosystem.Bitcoin version 23.0, released in April, contained several contributions from Brink grantees including: P2P and network changes, fee estimation adjustments, tracepoints, improvements to the wallet and graphical user interface (GUI), and additional features.

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