Bitcoin Exchange ‘Bitnob’ Launches in Kenya: Includes Integration With the M-Pesa Network Enabling 50m Users to Easily Send and Receive via Lightning From Their Phones

Kenya makes it the third country the Bitnob app is available in, following Nigeria and Ghana.After a one-time setup on the app users can transfer between lightning wallets and M-Pesa without any further action by the recipient. They can choose to receive bitcoin or local currency.Bitnob is known for its bitcoin savings feature which helps people to automatically save in bitcoin using the dollar cost average strategy. The savings feature will give Kenyans the opportunity to save their bitcoin for 3, 6, or 12 months depending on their preferences.Bitnob’s payout feature helps to make it easy for Kenyans to receive bitcoin directly into their bitcoin wallet, their USD wallet, or split between both wallets. This is quite an innovative feature giving Kenyans the freedom to choose how they would like to receive their bitcoin.You can receive money from your family using Cash App or Strike in the US straight to your mobile money account.You can also now send money from Kenya to Nigeria or Ghana or send money from any of these countries to Kenya.Kenya is among the top 10 countries interested in cryptocurrency. According to reports, Kenya is a country interested in bitcoin, topping bitcoin search interest at 94.7%.

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