Bitcoin Core v24.1 Released

“This release includes various bug fixes and performance improvements, as well as updated translations.”

What’s new


#26878 I2P network optimizations#26909 net: prevent peers.dat corruptions by only serializing once#27608 p2p: Avoid prematurely clearing download state for other peers#27610 Improve performance of p2p inv to send queues

RPC and other APIs

#26515 rpc: Require NodeStateStats object in getpeerinfo#27279 doc: fix/improve warning helps in {create,load,unload,restore}wallet#27468 rest: avoid segfault for invalid URI

Build System

#26944 depends: fix systemtap download URL#27462 depends: fix compiling bdb with clang-16 on aarch64


#26595 wallet: be able to specify a wallet name and passphrase to migratewallet#26675 wallet: For feebump, ignore abandoned descendant spends#26679 wallet: Skip rescanning if wallet is more recent than tip#26761 wallet: fully migrate address book entries for watchonly/solvable wallets#27053 wallet: reuse change dest when re-creating TX with avoidpartialspends#27080 wallet: Zero out wallet master key upon locking so it doesn’t persist in memory#27473 wallet: Properly handle “unknown” Address Type

GUI changes

gui#687 Load PSBTs using istreambuf_iterator rather than istream_iteratorgui#704 Correctly limit overview transaction list


#26880 ci: replace Intel macOS CI job#26924 refactor: Add missing includes to fix gcc-13 compile error


Thanks to everyone who directly contributed to this release:

Andrew ChowAnthony TownsHennadii StepanovJohn MoffettJon AtackMarco FalkeMartin ZumsandeMatthew ZipkinMichael Fordpablomartin4btcSebastian FalbesonerSuhas DaftuarThomas NguyenVasil Dimov

As well as to everyone that helped with translations on Transifex.

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