Bitcoin 2023 Open Source Stage Day 1 and Day 2 Talks

Bitcoin 2023 Open Source stage featured some of the most insightful and useful talks, workshops and presentations of the Bitcoin 2023 Miami conference.

Day 1

0:0039:41: Coldcard Workshop with BTC Sessions and HODL Dee (Coinkite).39:411:10:32: Building Lightning Apps panel with Joe Hall (Cointelegraph), Hannah Rosenberg (Lightning Labs), Conor Okus (Block/Spiral), and Alex Bosworth (Lightning Labs).1:10:321:53:06: Nostr vs Everything with Rockstar Dev (BTCPay Server), Vlad Stan (LNbits), Pablo Fernandez (Sanity Island), Will Casarin (Damus).1:53:062:22:08: LNBITS/LNVPN Presentation with Lightrider2:22:082:47:40: Bitcoin and the Plot to Destroy Financial Privacy with Whitney Webb (Unlimited Hangout).2:47:403:01:14: Layer 2 Mempools with Wiz ( ZK Rollups On Bitcoin with Preston Evans (Sovereign Labs) and Eric Wall (Taproot Wizards).3:32:013:57:41: Miniscript with Rob Hamilton (AnchorWatch), Antoine Poinsot (Wizardsardine), Andrew Poelstra (Blockstream).3:57:414:16:42: Splicing Lightning with Dusty Daemon.4:16:424:38:47: Zero syncing with Robin Linus (ZeroSync).4:38:475:29:36: Rabbit Hole Recap with Matt Odell and Marty Bent, Max Keidun (Hodl Hodl), and Rob Hamilton (AnchorWatch).

Day 2

0:0029:14: SeedSigner Workshop with Keith Mukai and SeedSigner.29:1449:36: Open Sourcing the Prehistory of Bitcoin with Wolf Von Laer (Students for Liberty) and Aaron van Wirdum (Bitcoin Magazine).49:361:17:38: Sparrow Desktop Workshop by Craig Raw.1:17:381:42:44: The Disturbing Bitcoin Prosecution of Roman Sterlingov with Tor Ekeland and Michael Hassard (Tor Ekeland Law).1:42:442:06:18: Collaborative Bitcoin Transactions with George Kaloudis, BTC Zeiko (RoninDojo), Craig Raw (Sparrow Wallet).2:06:182:23:19: Web 5: Open to Build by Daniel Bucher (Block).2:23:192:51:27: Fedi Workshop with Justin Moon and Obi Nwosu.2:51:273:07:32: Burak Presentation: TBDXXX3:07:323:34:05: Business Models Supporting Open Source with Grant Gilliam (Ten31), thunderbiscuit tb (BDK), The Seardsalmon (Coinkite), Justin Evidon (Unchained).3:34:054:02:40: The Role of Bitcoin Core Maintainers & the Path Forward with arbedout (Setec Astronomy), James O’Beirne, Paul Sztorc (LayerTwo Labs), Jameson Lopp (Casa).4:02:404:14:10: Captain Youth Performance

Day 1 YouTube Link
Day 2 YouTube Link

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