Bitcoin 2023 General Assembly Day 2: Livestream & Agenda

Bitcoin 2023 hosts more than 150+ high profile speakers, 15000+ attendees, and over 2000 companies.

General Assembly Day 2 – May 20, 2023

Nakamoto Stage (Main Stage) livestream link.Open source stage pirate livestream link will be posted here (if/when available).Full agenda link.Event website link.

Agenda (Main Stage)

09:00AM: Journalism on a Bitcoin Standard panel with Mark Goodwin (Bitcoin Magazine), Whitney Webb (Unlimited Hangout), Joe Hall (Cointelegraph), Luke Rudkowski (We Are Change). 09:35AM: How To Learn Like a Bitcoiner with Daniel Prince (Once Bitten), Saifedean Ammous (Author), Corey DeAngelis (American Federation for Children).10:00AM: The Intellectual Rabbithole with Eric Weinstein (The Portal Podcast), Robert Breedlove (What Is Money Show).10:35AM: The Art of Bitcoin Banking with Jameson Lopp (Casa), Obi Nwosu (Fedi), Caitlin Long (Custodia).11:00AM: Will AI Dream of Electric Bitcoin? Panel with Tuur Demeester (Adamant Research), Dhruv Bansal (Unchained), Nolan Bauerle (The Breakup).11:30AM: Bitcoin Games keynote by George Mekhail (Bitcoin Magazine).11:40AM: Super-Hyperbitcoinization panel with Max Keiser (El Salvador Bitcoin Advisor), Stacy Herbert (Bitcoin Office), Joe Hall (Cointelegraph).1:00PM: Lightning in a Bottleneck panel featuring Junseth, Shinobi, Matt Corallo (Spiral), P (Swan Bitcoin).1:30PM: Steady Lads panel with Dylan LeClair (Bitcoin Magazine), Mark Moss (Market Disruptors), Lyn Alden (Investment Strategist), Preston Pysh (Investors Podcast Network).2:00PM: Number Go Up Is Not a Use Case fireside chat with Peter McCormack (What Bitcoin Did), Mike Brock (TBD).2:25PM: Evolving Bitcoin’s Code with Aaron van Wirdum (Bitcoin Magazine), Tadge Dryja (Developer), Jeremy Rubin (Developer), Amiti Uttarwar (Developer).2:50PM: The Global Financial System vs Bitcoin with Avik Roy (Equal Opportunity), Alex Brammer (Bitcoin Today), Matthew Pines (Krebs Stamos Group).3:15PM: BPI Action Announcement with Tim Ryan (Zoetic Global), David McIntosh (Club for Growth).3:30PM: 1 Bitcoin Giveaway with Artem Bespaloff (Asic Jungle).3:45PM: Vivek Ramaswamy Keynote (Presidential Candidate).4:05PM: Zoltan & Arthur Hayes – New Monetary Order with Arthur Hayes (100X Group), Zoltan Poszar (Credit Suisse).4:35PM: The Biggest Bulls with Matt Odell (Citadel Dispatch), Adam Back (Blockstream), and Jack Mallers (Strike).

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