Beta Version of RGB Official Website Is Now Live

“On the verge of RGB release v0.10 marking a milestone in putting smart contracts to live, we are glad to launch beta-version of the official RGB website – ¬†”The website is fully open-sourced, so everyone can contribute to it on GitHub RGB-WG/ site is a one-stop-shop for all RGB related resources and tutorials like “How to Install RGB,” RGB wallets, and more.

LNP/BP Standards association has also uploaded its latest developer calls discussing the forthcoming RGB v0.10 release.

Part 1 (recorded on February 2, 2023). RGB Core Lib release v0.10 & roadmap updates.Part 2 (recorded on March 9, 2023). Includes RGB v.0.10 main features overview, anatomy of RGB smart contracts, as well as demos of writing a schema, interface and RGB smart contract. Part 3 (recorded on March 22, 2023). Reviews v.0.10 release progress, changes to invoices, explanation of the workflow of state transfers and more.

For more information see and

GitHub Repo

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