BDK v1.0.0-alpha.4: Improved KeychainTxOutIndex API & Fixes

“BDK 1.00-alpha.4 is out””This bi-weekly alpha release fixes a chain module performance issue, revamps the KeychainTxOutIndex API to be safer, and moves the hardwaresigner module into it’s own crate. We are getting very close to a beta.”

What’s new


Avoid using BTreeMap::append due to performance issues (refer to rust-lang/rust#34666 (comment)). #1274


The old hardwaresigner module has been moved out of bdk and inside a new bdk_hwi crate. #1161Wallet’s peek-address logic is optimized by making use of <SpkIterator as Iterator>::nth. #1269KeychainTxOutIndex API is refactored to better differentiate between methods that return unbounded vs stored spks. #1269KeychainTxOutIndex no longer directly exposes SpkTxOutIndex methods via DeRef. This was problematic because SpkTxOutIndex also contains lookahead spks which we want to hide. #1269


LocalChain::disconnect_from method to evict a chain of blocks starting from a given BlockId. #1276SpkIterator::descriptor method which gets a reference to the internal descriptor. #1269

New Contributors

@ValuedMammal made their first contribution in #1264

Full Changelogv1.0.0-alpha.3…v1.0.0-alpha.4

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