Azteco Bitcoin Vouchers Now Available at 3000+ Vendors in Costa Rica

“You can now buy an Azteco bitcoin voucher in Costa Rica. Pay with cash at +3,000 locations or online with a bank transfer. It takes less than a minute to redeem your voucher and there’s no account needed.”

Per project’s website, paying in person for Azteco Bitcoin on-chain and Lightning vouchers are now available at:

126,000+ Cash-in locations in Brazil.52,000+ Cash-in locations in Colombia.45,000+ Cash-in locations in Mexico.90,000+ Cash-in locations in Peru.35,000+ Cash-in locations in Chile.3,000+ Cash-in locations in Costa Rica.2,000+ Cash-in locations in Ireland.

Full list of available countries and payment methods supported by Azteco can be found here.

The service charges a 7% commission + $1 processing fee.On-chain vouchers also incur a network fee, while Lightning vouchers are instant and with zero network fees.


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