Argentina’s Milei Wants People to Declare Their Crypto Holdings for Lower Tax Rate

“The bill includes provisions for an “asset regularization scheme” that would allow taxpayers to legalize crypto holdings without having to provide additional documentation about where the assets came from.””Argentines who declare their assets prior to March 31, 2024 will benefit from a 5% tax rate, whereas those who declare by November 30, 2024 will be subject to 15%.”

Bad. Beside the fact that “crypto” is just a useless scam, exposing your public keys to the government is just one step removed from them effectively extracting your private keys from you. Boating accidents are the way.

— Giacomo 80 IQ HODL Zucco⚡️🌋🧀💀 (@giacomozucco) December 31, 2023

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