Aqua Wallet: Bitcoin, Lightning, Liquid & Tether Mobile Wallet

“Happy Bitcoin Genesis Day! On this date we’re proud to launch @AquaBitcoin, software that brings together the greatest Bitcoin innovations from the past 15 years. A genuine all-in-one wallet for everyone,” announced JAN3.”AQUA lets users send and receive Tether USDt, Bitcoin, Lightning, and Liquid digital assets effortlessly. All the complications associated with Lightning channels, peg-ins, other cryptocurrency chains, and asset swapping are streamlined, yet without sacrificing full control and custody of your keys,” was stated in a blog post.

AQUA will be open-source. We just haven’t gotten around to it yet as the team has been slammed for the launch, squishing last minute bugs, and dealing with App Store approvals. Please bear with us! 🙏

— Samson Mow (@Excellion) January 4, 2024

“Some people are concerned about the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, and that’s fair. Both docs were designed for the website originally and amended to cover how data may be collected if using third party services within AQUA. AQUA itself doesn’t collect or store any data whatsoever, nor do we plan to,” said Samson Mow on X.”We just need to revise the two documents to split them up better between web and app (making two sets of docs), and better clarify points on KYC/AML that may come from a third party service, which users may opt into. For example on Android we have an integration with Meld where you can buy Bitcoin.””AQUA’s design philosophy is a non-custodial core, we must integrate with third-parties to provide useful services. We prioritize those that are open or P2P, but we also will have services that require registration or KYC – however those services are completely opt-in,” he added.


Send and receive regular on-chain Bitcoin.Full Liquid Network support for sending L-BTC, Tether USDt, and additional Liquid assets.When asked about why the wallet’s code is not open-source yet, Jan3’s Samson Mow said that the come will be open-sourced sometime soon.Send and receive Bitcoin via Lightning.Send or receive USDt from the main altcoin chains, such as Tron and Ethereum.Native swaps between Layer 2 Bitcoin and USDt.Swaps between Bitcoin mainchain and Layer 2. Buying Bitcoin directly from within AQUA with a variety of payment methods.Bitcoin Chip scanning.Importing legacy AQUA seed phrases.

What’s coming

The ability to pay USDt and Layer 2 Bitcoin send fees in USDtLN-URLsMore on-ramp integrationsBits and sats denominationsDark modeSupport for more fiat currencies

The Aqua wallet is available globally through the iOS App Store and as an APK file for Android devices.

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