Amethyst v0.62.0 & Onyx v0.61.4: Live Streams & Live-Streaming Chats

Here are some of the latest updates for Amethyst and Onyx. Onyx is a fork of Amethyst but with filters turned off by default.

Amethyst v0.62.0: NIP-98 Support

Adds NIP98 Support by @believethehypeAdds image host by @believethehypeFixes UTF-32 Reactions cutting offAdds icon for paid relays in the relay list by @greenart7c3Improves rendering time of the Channel headerAvoids crashing due to illegal zap addressMaking more classes stable for performance reasons.Improves relay options rendering performance.Review to avoid Synchronized blocksUses derivedOf to protect from updates with the same contentGeneralizes the SensitivityWarning to any NoteMoves LaunchedEffects to only run if objects haven’t yet being loadedChecks main thread in preferencesMoves the image border modifiers to app variable

Amethyst / Onyx  v0.61.4: Relay info pages

Adds internal Relay Info pages when clicking on relay icons by @greenart7c3Removes old image proxy classes by @vitorpamplonaImproves rendering performance of Chat screens and messages by @vitorpamplonaUpdates Hungarian translation for Zapraiser by @ZsZolee

Amethyst / Onyx v0.61.3: Too many livestreams bugfix

BugFix for too many streams (max = 2 for now)BugFix for opening the video chat with the video in full screen until it loads.Fix margins when the Live Activity summary is not availableRefreshing stream list when follows change, including Live activities.

Amethyst / Onyx v0.61.2: Live streaming in the chat

Restructures chat message renderingAdds sensitive content warning to chatsAdds live activities to the main feedAdds live activities chats to the conversations tabAdds public chat msgs to the conversations tab

Amethyst / Onyx v0.61.1: Screen diet

Improvements in the use of space of UI elementsMoves the streaming label to the bottom of the videoRemoves the top bar for streaming and chatsAdds options to react and zap the author of the streamingBugFix for streaming rotation of videosBugFix for not updating Notifications quickly

Amethyst / Onyx v0.61.0: Live streaming chats

Support for Live Chat event kind (1311)Renders Channel headers, NIP94 and NIP95 in the thread’s master postAdd toast message to show relay icon description by @greenart7c3BugFix for notifications over very old posts not appearing

Amethyst / Onyx v0.60.1: Per-post zapraisers

Allows users to add an amount of sats to raise per postDisplays zap raisers as a progress bar to completion in the post

Amethyst / Onyx v0.60:0: Live activities and generic repost support

Basic Support for live activities (NIP-102)Adds support for Kind 16 (Generic Repost)Activates support for m3u8 streamingMigrates e citations to replaceable events to their latest versionMigrates last-seen times saved per route to account managementRemoves original tags from RepostsBugFix on restarting the video when pressing muteBugFix to not scroll the feed to the top when the new follow list is updatedBugFix for a background color for messages in notificationsIncreases performance of the follow/follower count

GitHub Repo (Amethyst)
GitHub Repo (Onyx)

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