Amethyst v0.58.2: Post Animations, Custom Reactions and Bug Fixes

v0.58.2: Bugfix for long reactions

Addresses reactions with more than 1 character.

v0.58.0: Custom reactions

Custom reactions.Starts to preload objects before the feed is ready.Simplifies URL Preview calls.Hungarian translation updates by @ZsZolee.

v0.57.0: Animations for loading posts

Uses animateItemPlacement to show new Notes and update the size of current ones as they load.Adds NIP-10 markers to kind 1s, fixing bug with thread view in other clients.New Privacy Policy for F-droid.Adds an option to opt-out from automatic spam and report filters by @npub1w4uswmv6lu9yel005l3qgheysmr7tk9uvwluddznju3nuxalevvs2d0jr5.Adjusts the size and alignment of relay icons in the video feed.Refactors some of the Zap Request,Response objects in the interface for performance.BugFix for emtpy space in Notications when blocked posts are included.Updates kotlin dependencies.Activates build cache.

v0.56.5: Support for NIP-14 (subject line)

Basic Support for displaying NIP-14 on notes (Subject).BugFix for Video Uploads when the video is already compressed to the minimum.Improves markdown support.Fixing upstream library issue with images on markdown.Refactors color objects to avoid recreating them on-demand.

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