Amethyst v0.52.2: Sensitive Content (NIP-36)

Here’s a list of some of the latest updates for Amethyst.

v0.52.2: Bugfixes

Fixes Relay Icon rendering (extra / was creating issues).Sensitive content Hungarian translation by @ZsZolee.Making sure the UserReactonsRow in notifications get updated as new events come in.Moves relay color filters to Stories.

v0.52.0: NIP-36 (Sensitive Content)

Adds optional Sensitive Content mark in new posts.Adds content warnings in feeds and DMs.Adds sensitive content display options per account.


Zap Amount contrast improvements in light mode.

v0.51.3: Quick Bugfixes

Only changing stats for the Reaction Row if the data actually changed.Improves rendering of messages in the Notification feed.Feed invalidation is necessary for lists.Simplifying Private message rendering scheme.Updates jsoup and activity compose to the latest versions.

v0.51.2: More Performance Improvements

Changes the structure of the notification view to increase speed.Preserves opening invalidations of data sources for Home, Videos, and Notifications screens.Activates invalidations that can be ignored if another invalidation is currently running.Only call “scroll to the top” if not at the top.Remembers formatting for the Notification reaction row.Updates Notification feed in intervals of 1 second.Remembers modifiers to avoid recomposition.Moves Home and Video screen invalidations to follow the scrollTop par…Adds Stable tag to Notification Card models.Remembers the size of the robohash picture between recompositions.Removes the procedure to start connecting with relays before logging in.

v0.51.0: Zap Amounts on Notifications

Adds Zap amounts to Notification bubbles.Adds ImmutableLists to avoid recompositions.Moves NavController to a lambda to avoid recompositions.Moves AccountViewModel builder to a ViewModel Factory to avoid recompositions.Reduces notifications invalidation requests when starting the screen.BugFix on Orbot’s view count url leak.

v0.50.6: Performance Improvements

Adds Immutable and Stable annotations to avoid recomposing.Improves the speed of updating Notification notes.Adds a cache layer for citations in Notes.Fixes click on the Home to update the feed.Fixes size for following symbol.Adds Better translations to unfollow in Portuguese.Updates dependencies.Moves more variables to remember clauses.


Moves zapProgress to inside the IO update to make sure it only update…Stops recomposing the drawer at every new route.Adjusts bottombar to not recalculate hasNewItems in every recomposition.Moves default state of url previews to the remember function.Remembering Background color and Text elements for posts.Optimizes MultiSetCompose rendering.Optimizes recomposition of bottom items.Optimizes NIP-05 procedures.Optimizes Drawer for Recomposition.Removes the time log for Composing a note.Only updates the refreshing state if it was refreshing.Deprecating IMGUR.Updates relay UI on messages sent by the logged in user in chat.Migrates notification summary to a new day without having to restart.Apply fix to profile navigation of the same page by @KotlinGeekDev.Adds hashtags and #[n] rendering to markdown.Fixes NWC with Auth.Adds nostr: prefix to channel id share.

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NIP-36 Spec

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