Amethyst v0.50.4: Reaction Watch & Other Improvements

Here is a quick summary of the latest updates for Amethyst:

v0.47.0: Support for (Audio Tracks)v0.48.0: NIP-30 – Custom Emojis
– Adds support for NIP-30 in Kind 0 (metadata) and Kind 1s (posts).
– Adds Swedish translations by @Pextar.
– Adds NIP-94 shareable link to filestr.
– Adds and as shareable links.
Adds a 5 minute expiration time for image loading errors.
– Fixes NPE on opening the QuickAction on a “Post Not Found” event.v0.49.0: Pinstr supportv0.49.1: Custom Emoji Bugfixes
– Better shade for Pins.
– Avoid color-filtering the emoji.
– Adjustments to Markdown detection and rendering.
– Bug fix for incorrect caching of NIP-95.v0.49.2: Custom Emoji for Chats
– Fixing emoji’s on chat handles.v0.49.3: Search Improvements
– Improves rendering performance for chats.
– Parsing NIP-19 on search to improve search results.
– Making sure filters return similar orders when two posts are published by adding idHex as a sorting element.v0.49.4: Colored relay icons
– Adds online search when typing the username in the new Post field.
– Increasing size of the “More Options” button in the Video Feed.
– Optimizes the code for chat bubble rendering.
– Fixes Robohash dependency in size.
– Adds color to relay icons.
– Avoiding creating a lnurl link with just those words.v0.50.0: Reaction Watchv0.50.1: Reaction Watch Improvements
– UI and Performance improvements.
Adds Navigation markers to the top panel and reaction watch.
– BugFixes when switching accounts.
– BugFix in the like count.
– Better caching system for compiled stats.v0.50.2: Jumping Chat Post Fix
Fixes jumping chat screens on hidden posts.v0.50.3: Bug Fixes and Updates
– Replacing some missing Hungarian translation.
– Add lowercase variant of hashtag when creating event.
– Fixes Auth for NIP-42 sporadic connections.v0.50.4: Bug Fixes
Bugfix for saving Replaceable notes in Bookmarks.
Bugfix for channel metadata messages show up before channel creation.

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