Amethyst v0.37.4: Zap Forwarding, Bug Fixes

Amethyst Android client for Nostr had four updates since v0.36.0 release:

Release v0.37.0: NIP-95 (Image upload to relays)

Adds popup to choose which image server to use by @vitorpamplonaAdds choice of by @vitorpamplonaAdds choice of NIP-95 relays by @vitorpamplonaBugFix for AUTH w/ by @vitorpamplona

Release v0.37.1: Zap Forwarding

Adds Zap Address preference to the zap event tag.Zaps note-tags before user info.Enables raw URL uploads with warnings.Prunes NIP-95 data from memory when pausing the app.

Release v0.37.2: non-english hashtags

Adds support for non-english hashtags by @vivganesImproves translations of NIP-94/95 servers by @vitorpamplonaCorrectly copy-pastes NIP94 and NIP95 addresses by @vitorpamplonaUpdates dependencies by @vitorpamplona

Release v0.37.3: Trying to solve the random crash

Reverting compose to 1.4.2.Add logs for fail to decrypt zap.Bugfix for clickable url.Reducing the amount of filters to send to relays to 10.

Release v0.37.4: Bugfixes

Adjusts size of the Zap Forward text.Avoids flickering in the Global Feed.

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