Amethyst v0.32.1 Released: NIP-69 Polls

Release v0.32.0: Polls

Adds NIP 69 (Polls) support by @npub1mgxvsg25hh6vazl5zl4295h6nx4xtjtvw7r86ejklnxmlrncrvvqdrffa5Adds Show QR option to Profile screen by @npub1gcxzte5zlkncx26j68ez60fzkvtkm9e0vrwdcvsjakxf9mu9qewqlfnj5z

Release v0.32.1: Poll fixes and updates

Adds payment animation to pollsRemoves the 5dp space on the generic RichText ViewerAdds margin between the reply note and the textFixes margins when images are used in the pollFixes Voted option highlightFixes formatMakes sure before and after voting the padding is the sameFixes Poll Color for Light mode

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