Amethyst v0.31.4: Wallet Connect Onboarding with Alby & More

Release v0.31.0: Wallet Connect onboarding with Alby

Avoids reloading information when the app resumes by @vitorpamplonaFull Wallet Connect onboarding with Alby by @vitorpamplonaAdds PoW Display to the MasterNote of a Thread by @vitorpamplonaChanges the download folder to remove Amethyst’s version by @vitorpamplonaActivates public relays for chats by @vitorpamplonaSaves the position of the Notification feed by @vitorpamplonaBreaks notification cards in chunks of 50 notifications each by @vitorpamplonaCustom Zaps Hungarian Translation by @ZsZoleeFixes thread loading issue where the clicked note’s children is not loaded by @vitorpamplonaBugFix for some events not loading by @vitorpamplonaUpdates search results as new notes come in by @vitorpamplonaRefactoring EOSEs to consider account switching in the app by @vitorpamplonaCenters the loading icon for image previews by @vitorpamplonaDependency updates by @vitorpamplona

Release v0.31.2: BugFixes

“author is elon” post with a regex taking over a second to parse.thread loading with children of the selected post not loading correctly.

Latest Releases

Release v0.31.3: Adds post quotes to NotificationsRelease v0.31.4: (no notes).

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